Star College Thank Glevum for Dean’s Internship

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Joomla Blog, News

The National Star College at Cheltenham is rightly proud of the work it does with young people with disabilities, educating them and teaching them skills to help them interact and integrate with the local community.

Catherin Garland is one of their Job Mentors and her role is to find work placements for the students. Last year she was able to get Dean Angle a six month work placement at Glevum.

Dean is a 20 year old from Gloucestershire, a likeable lad who is keen to get into work. He liked the nature of the job and the company and found that he had an aptitude for security work so he was overjoyed when Glevum subsequently offered him a sponsored internship.

Dean has been working closely with company director Steve Barnett. He has come on so well that he has now been going out on patrol with security operatives, filling out and filing reports when he returns to the office.

Catherin has no doubt about the value of the internship for Dean. “It has been hugely important for him and we are very grateful to Glevum for the opportunity and the experience he has gained.”