Mobile Patrol

Your security is our business.

Mobile Patrol Inspections

As the Police Authorities in the county find themselves stretched and under greater financial strain, it has become more important to be both secure and to be seen to be secure.

Operating 24/7 and 365 days of the year, we can provide a highly visual security solution with our Mobile Patrol Service, allowing you to have a uniformed, guarding presence, rather than a static officer. Our highly visible mobile patrol vehicles, driven by a fully uniformed officer can conduct a full external patrol of your premises in or out of hours, at agreed or random intervals.

Each unit, manned by highly competent and skilled personnel, can survey and check your premises, internally and/or externally, at fixed times or at variable/random times. Our staff are trained to check the fine details and to log any suspicious or unusual activity whilst in full communication with our control centre or with the authorities. This method of patrolling is cost-effective, highly visible, flexible to your demands and an efficient way of increasing your safety and assets. Each client can have a unique set of services uniquely designed to be cost efficient without compromising any aspect of your security. We will check for signs of burglary, vandalism, fire, food and other emergencies such as power failure. Visually this will act as an effective deterrent to intruders.

All our mobile officers are in constant communication with our 24 hour control room and can summon assistance at any time.