Protective Peace of Mind – Comfort and Reliability with Mobile Patrolling

by | Feb 25, 2024 | News

Our Mobile Patrol Service allows you to utilise a highly mobile, uniformed guarding presence. At Glevum Security we have no problem working outside of your working hours to ensure your business is never left unprotected, whatever the situation might be. This service is especially valuable for those business premises which contain high priced valuables or sophisticated technology, since you cannot leave your business to chance when it comes to potential intruder activity. Taking all of this into account, we thought it would be a good idea to do a blog giving you the rundown on why mobile patrolling might be for you.

Our mobile patrols utilise highly visible mobile patrol vehicles that are driven by our professional, well-qualified, fully uniformed drivers who will conduct a full external patrol of your premises in or out of normal hours, at random or agreed intervals – whichever you prefer! Of course, we prefer to use random intervals of time; this ensures criminals cannot successfully work out the routine time patterns of our frequently arriving security team.

Each unit we deploy is manned by highly skilled and competent personnel who are able to survey and check your business premises, either internally or externally. Staff at Glevum Security are trained to thoroughly check the finer details and log any suspicious or unusual activity that they might have while in full communication with our Communication Control Centre or with the necessary authorities. Checking for criminal damage, vandalism, risky behaviour, and health/safety issues are just some of the key protocols that we employ when it comes to the Mobile Patrol Service.

Our mobile patrol team are always connected to the individuals in the 24-hour control room, which ensures that nothing will get passed this level of security, summoning the appropriate assistance at any time as and when required. Our specially trained Mobile Patrol Officers can also perform a lock up/unlock service at a prearranged time, removing any desire you might have to give out alarm codes and keys to your staff or others.

This method of mobile patrolling that we utilise is not only highly visible, cost-effective, and flexible to your demands, but also a massively efficient way to increase your overall safety and assets. Each client that we deal with also has access to a unique set of services specifically designed to be as cost efficient as possible, without compromising any aspect of your personal security.

Checking for signs of vandalism, burglary, flood, fire, and other emergencies (such as power failure) are all part and parcel of the job, so we thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate the other mobile patrol tasks we conduct:

  • Setting and disabling intruder alarms
  • Unlocking and locking of business premises
  • Checking access points, no matter if they are easy or difficult points of access
  • Liaising with maintenance staff and contractors
  • Out of hours checks on all types of business premises
  • Random patrols to avoid potential detection by intruders
  • Reporting any potential security issues
  • Reporting any potential health and safety issues
  • Reporting to the authorities where necessary

Glevum Security provide security services for companies across Gloucestershire, from major corporate concerns to small family run businesses. They all appreciate our professional service, proactive attitude, and flexibility.  If you need some help or advice on your business or residential security, we’re here to help.

Simply give us a call on 01452 729 713 where you’ll find Mark and Steve, winners of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) award locally at the Gloucester Business Awards in 2017, and also the same award nationally at the Security Excellence Award in 2018. Everyone at Glevum Security is dedicated to helping protect your home, your property, your assets, and yourself. In doing so we will ensure your total safety and we will grow your business through the most comprehensive combination of customer care, state-of-the-art systems, and economical solutions, backed by world-class service.

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