5 Tips to keep your office building secure

by | May 27, 2021 | News

When everyone was working in their offices, it was a lot easier to spot signs of suspicious behaviour, suspicious people on the premises or even any damage to the premises. But what about recently with more and more people now working from home? With so many people working away from the office environment, it can leave your place of work vulnerable to theft, intruders and other security risks.

Here are some suggestions on measures you can implement to help keep your office safe and secure.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV at your office premises will minimise the risk and help deter intruders. At Glevum Security, we provide CCTV monitoring from our state-of-the-art control centre. All incidents are recorded and examined in real-time, and our highly trained operators can immediately contact the relevant authorities whilst compiling high quality video evidence.

Use Office Security Lighting

Installing security lighting on the outside of your premises can help deter any potential burglars who may feel exposed and observed by the security lighting.  Passive infrared lighting is the most popular choice – this is activated when someone comes into its field of vision. It is cost effective to install. 

Employ Mobile Patrols

You may want to consider employing a professional mobile patrol service to keep a check on your business premises. This can be especially useful if your office is located in a high-risk area or if you store valuable items at your business premises.

Use a Laptop Lock

Laptops make for easy targets for thieves. Not only are they very easy to actually remove from a building, but they may also contain sensitive and confidential information. By using a laptop lock, you can make it very difficult for it to actually be stolen. A laptop lock works in a similar way to a bike lock – it is a metal cable with one end that attaches to a hole in the side of your laptop, and the other end is connected to a non-moveable object, such a desk that is bolted to the floor. Laptop locks are low cost and very easy to fit.

Confidential Documentation Safety

It is important to keep any confidential and sensitive documents in a locked drawer or cabinet as losing these documents could prove to be disastrous for your business. Likewise, if you keep any cash on your premises, this should always be kept locked away in a safe.

If you are looking to improve the safety of your business, then get in touch with us today and find out how our security solutions can help you.