Home Security Tips For Summer

by | Jul 17, 2023 | News

When thinking about the summer season, you may automatically get thoughts of family vacations, beaches, swimming pools or picnics in the park.


But have you considered your security measures? Security procedures won’t likely be top of mind, but the change in season also brings new threats and risks, such as household property and business premises crimes.

According to reports, household property victimisation rates increase in the summer with an 11 percent average difference than the lowest winter seasonal rates, meaning that houses are typically targeted more in these hotter months. This is because many people will be out and about enjoying the weather, whilst leaving windows open at home. And with just 1 in every 13 people having active CCTV on their premises, this spells a recipe for disaster and opportunity for criminals.

With higher rates of such crimes in the hotter months, it’s important to understand how to secure and protect your family and home. Here are some key summer security tips and best practices on how such methods can be used to protect yourself, your family and your premises this summer.


Keep Windows & Doors Locked & Closed

As the warmer weather rolls in, you’re more likely to open windows or leave doors ajar to let in a breeze through the screen door. In the summer months, it’s easy to forget about these and leave them unmonitored.

If the home utilises window air-conditioning units, consider attaching tilt or contact sensors to windows. Both can be connected to alarm systems for real-time alerts should a separation or “tilt” occur as the window slides up during an attempted burglary.

Even though you might be tempted to leave curtains or blinds slightly open for extra sunlight, it’s best to keep these closed when you’re not home. Make sure you have full coverage on windows and doors. Even with just sheer curtains, it’s still easier for potential thieves or other passers-by to peek in or see through exposed areas.


Keep Valuables Out of Plain Sight

Keeping doors and windows open also increases the chances of outsiders spotting valuables inside your home. Ensure expensive items such as computers, tablets, phones or jewellery are out of plain sight or stored in safes or other inconspicuous and secure locations.

Also be mindful of your vehicles as potential targets. Any valuables should be hidden from view or brought into your home. It’s important you don’t leave a garage door opener inside your car. Especially if you have an attached garage, these can be open season for thieves to snatch and gain easy access to your home.


Make it Appear as Though You’re Home

If you have a smart security system, you can control home protection from anywhere in the world. Consider smart outlets and LED bulbs to control your home’s lighting. There are many apps that can be utilised to schedule when lights or other electronics turn on and shut down each day. You can also set an app rule to activate smart bulbs should your camera detect outdoor motion.

If you’re going to be away for a prolonged period, have your landscaping regularly serviced and watered. You can also remotely manage outdoor sprinkler system watering schedules to appear as though you’re home and actively caring for the property. Or make sure there is family or friends regularly checking in on your property. If they agree to look after the house, ask them to grab your mail each day, take in rubbish/recycle bins, and park their car in your driveway. Since it looks as though someone is home, potential thieves are more likely to stay away in fear of being caught and apprehended.


Don’t Promote Your Vacation on Social Media

As tempting as it may be to post a photo of you lying on the sand or sipping a cocktail by the pool, wait until you return from your travels to share these highlights online. This is important because your social media followers may include several people you actually don’t know.

If your profile is public, anyone can access your accounts and gain a full view of travel updates you’ve posted. Sharing this risks alerting potential thieves of your absence, and the vulnerability of your home. Since an empty home provides the perfect opportunity for a break-in, it’s best to keep home security in mind before hitting the post button on a vacation status update.

These tips will help ensure your family and home are secure this summer. If you still have questions, it’s best to engage with a reputable service provider such as ourselves at Glevum Security. Contact us today here.