Don’t be Caught Out in the Dark!

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

I am well aware that the nights are drawing in and the clocks will go back an hour at the end of October.


It is bad enough arriving home in the dark.  You don’t want to find that a burglar has taken advantage of the extra hours of darkness to break into your property.

There are some simple precautions that you can take to avoid this eventuality.  

Keep Outbuildings Secure.  Sheds and garages can be particularly vulnerable to break-ins.  There may be items there that thieves want to steal.  Alternatively they may find things to help them break into the main building, like ladders and tools such as screwdrivers.  Make sure doors to all outbuildings are securely locked.

Don’t forget the car.  Cars can be easy targets so make sure you don’t leave valuables in them, even if the vehicle is locked.  Cars are vulnerable if left on driveways so park them in a garage wherever possible.

Illuminate the problem areas.  Burglars hate lights as they make them more visible.  If you are arriving home after dark consider fitting lights inside the house on a timer so they will come on and make it seem that someone is home.  You can also have outside lights fitted which operate on movement sensors.

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