Back to the Shop Floor with Steve

by | Jan 1, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

Glevum Security Directors Steve Barnett and Mark Baker recently decided to reconnect with the grassroots of the company so they each took time to go back to the shop floor, as it were, to see how things are working on a day to day basis.


Here’s Steve’s story:

05:00 Monday, the start of another week, and its back to the shop floor for me. It’s only right that now and then Managing Directors should roll up their sleeves to experience the working life of their staff. In my case I’m going to be a Mobile Security Response Driver, undertaking a Security Unlocking & Lock Up Service. So that means undertaking unlocks before the start of my normal working day. 

After my morning wake up cuppa, I venture out into the dark and point my car in the right direction for my first point of call in the City of Gloucester. When I arrive at my destination, I make my security welfare book-on call to Glevum’s 24/7 Control Centre, before contacting the Site Monitoring Station to gain clearance to enter the assignment. After booking-on I gain access via the staff entrance gate to retrieve the keys from a secure location, so that I am able to undertake the morning unlock.

I must first unlock the main gates and then make them secure before the first member of staff arrives on site. Then I test the entry barriers by swiping my card across a reader to ensure they are in working order.

Now to check the premises. Whilst conducting the external perimeter patrol I use my hand held illumination (torch) at all times, as traversing uneven ground, especially on perimeter patrols, requires extra caution. I make periodic stops to check the premises security before continuing my patrol, using the torch once again to illuminate my path.

Next I make my way to the safe entrance door to undertake the internal check. Unlocking the main reception doors I disarm the intruder alarm and undertake a full internal inspection of the premises, switching on lights and checking that all is safe and in order for staff to enter the premises. I unlock the Staff entrance and that completes this business’ unlock. They can now all have a safe and productive working day.

To find out how Mark got on check out the next issue of Glevum Grapevine which will be available here: