6 Trends for Security in 2020!

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Joomla Blog, News

The security business continues to grow as it keeps pace with new technology. Here are some trends that I think we will be seeing in 2020:

1. 5G Connection – 5G aims to increase data communication speed by up to three times, meaning it will have a huge impact on security. As well as allowing data to be processed more quickly, incidents can be reported and responded too more rapidly.
2. Increased cloud solutions – there is a distinct trend away from storing data at premises to utilising cloud technology instead. It is also gratifying to learn that cloud technology companies are spending heavily on improving their security.

3. Visual verification – the CCTV and visual verification markets are growing apace. It is particularly effective in identifying false alarm call outs.
4. Virtual guarding – the robots continue to increase as virtual and AI guards replace humans. Remote guarding utilising CCTV, drones and motion sensors will steadily increase.
5. Artificial intelligence – AI already plays an increasing active role in our daily lives. It is estimated that the security industry has seen a growth in AI of nearly 19%. AI powered technology will be used in proactive monitoring, video analytics, false alarm filtering and anomaly detection.
6. Video analytics software – video analytics software is evolving rapidly, making surveillance operations more efficient. Companies using this type of software will benefit from constant updates and improvements from the cloud.

Never fear, though. We will always need humans to oversee the tech and keep everything running smoothly!