3 reasons why CCTV is good for your business

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Joomla Blog, News

Closed-Circuit Television, more commonly known as CCTV, can be a lifesaver for your business in more ways than one. At Glevum Security we offer expert CCTV monitoring services that mean your security footage is recorded and examined in real-time by our experienced staff. If you have ever wondered how security cameras can be good for your business, you’re in the right place! Below we have listed 3 benefits of having security camera systems installed:

It’s a deterrent to criminal activity

The visual installation of cameras is a fantastic crime deterrent to criminals and those undertaking illegal activities. They resemble the presence of the law, deterring criminal activities, and warding off unwanted visitors.


CCTV can give your business peace of mind. It monitors the activity of both your staff and visitors, meaning you know what is going on at all times in and around your premises.

It collects evidence

If you do fall victim to crime, CCTV is a key piece of evidence that can convict criminals in a court of law. It can save the police time and ensure that you and your business get the compensation due. 

At Glevum, your cameras are monitored live at our control center meaning you get instant alerts to any suspicious activity and our highly trained operators can immediately contact the relevant authorities if needed.
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