Winter Is Coming: Top Security Tips

by | Oct 2, 2023 | News

For the average burglar in the UK, these dark winter months are an absolute dream ticket for sneaking into homes and business premises without being seen. It stands to reason that our homes and businesses are more vulnerable to theft in the dark, dreary, cold of winter.

Making your home as unappealing as possible to burglars is the key for preventing it from being burgled, proven to be an effective method across the UK. Especially when it is dark outside from 4PM onwards (which is just around the corner!), having no lights on at home usually means the premises is not occupied at that current moment, which can lead to quick and easy burglaries. At these times, people are usually still working, and this is prime time for burglaries.

Did you know, the average burglary only takes between 8-12 minutes and are thought to increase by 35% during the winter months!

Burglars usually do their homework; they will not just break into any place at random without doing their research! Initially, they’ll scan around the block and take note of what’s going on, taking note of ins and outs and if the premises is lock and key entry or access controlled. Even though the danger of burglary varies depending on the kind of property and the amount of protection that is in place, it’s worth it to take the required steps to effectively protect yourself and your home from a break in.


Invest In High Levels Of Security

Sometimes, houses and businesses can have noticeably bad privacy, meaning it is easy for potential burglars to walk in and out of the building without a second thought. Particularly businesses that are open to the public and have not invested in CCTV systems, hundreds, if not thousands are burgled every day through this technique. Ways in which you could protect your premises further include:

People usually believe that high fences and shrubbery can stop potential attackers, as this will screen your property or premises from intruders. But in fact, it is more likely to screen them from being seen when they break in! This is good for burglars because they’ll be hidden from your neighbours and can carry out their thievery in private! This may also hinder what you are able to capture on CCTV also. These security products are also great deterrents for burglars, making your home a less attractive target and giving your home another layer of security.


Give The Illusion That Someone Is Home

No, we don’t mean Home Alone standards of illusion, but more keeping the odd light on at home. Smart home security is becoming more and more popular across the UK and is definitely something you should consider to help secure your home in the winter, allowing you to control your lighting when you are not home.


Secure All Garages and Sheds

About 87% of UK houses have gardens, which is why garden security and it’s effect on our overall home security is so important. It may be wet and cold outside, but you must not forget about your outdoor space, especially as many people keep valuables in these outhouses and sheds such as bikes and tools. Garages and sheds are great outdoor spaces for storage but can be a high-risk target.

Of course, you wouldn’t want anyone taking your bike but the bigger risk is that if you have any tools stored then you could be at risk of someone using them to get into your home! We suggest that you re-evaluate your garage security and make sure you have precautions in place, like security products we have already mentioned!


Don’t Share On Social Media

Christmas can be a time where families look to go abroad or to other family houses to share the celebration. If this is the case for you and your family, make sure you secure your home whilst on holiday by not sharing anything until you are back so that people aren’t aware your home is empty! At the same time, make sure all windows are securely shut and locked.

These are just some of the many tips on how to keep yourself and your family safe this winter. If you would like some more information on how we can help provide you with expert security services this winter, make sure you contact us today!