What Do Burglars Look for?

by | Oct 12, 2021 | News

Let’s face it, these dark winter months are an absolute dream ticket for the average burglar!  It stands to reason that our homes are more vulnerable to theft in the dark, dreary, cold of winter.

People actually don’t realise how easy it can be for a burglar to enter your property.  In most cases, the sad truth is that it takes just between 8-12 MINUTES for a burglar to get in and clear out your property.

Burglars case the neighbourhood

Burglars will do their homework!  Initially, they’ll scan around the block and take note of what’s going on.  Sure, you won’t even know they’re there because they’re masters of disguise!  They’ll dress up as some phoney electrician or telephone engineer to fool you, but in reality, they’re checking on who’s going in and out of your house.  They may even put a flyer through your door to try and get a better look of what’s going on inside.

What burglars are looking for before they break into your home are:

  1. High privacy fencing – this is good for burglars because they’ll be hidden from your neighbours and can carry out their thievery in private!
  2. Any high shrubbery or trees, particularly close to your windows – this type of vegetation will screen them from being seen when they break your windows
  3. Toys in the garden! Toys mean children.  Children mean mothers.  Mothers mean jewellery!

How do burglars enter your property?

Burglars will usually knock on your door first, to see if anyone’s at home.  If there is, then they’ll come up with some cock and bull story and slope away – until next time!

If there’s nobody home, it’ll take them just ONE SINGLE MINUTE to get in!  They’ll check if you have any security systems first and then they’ll check if the door’s unlocked, check under pots for a set of keys, check for any open windows or keys to the patio doors.  If not, they’ll either smash a window or crowbar your door.

What do they do when they’re in?

There’s a well thought out routine when it comes to theft from peoples’ homes.  Firstly, they’ll check the master bedroom for cash, jewellery or anything valuable.  They’ll look under the beds and in your wardrobes, your drawers and even under your pillows.

Then they’ll check out your bathroom for any prescription drugs that may be valuable on the black market.

When upstairs is turned over, they’ll move into the kitchen and living areas looking for electronics, credit cards, cash and car keys.

If they find your car keys and your car’s on the driveway, chances are they’ll steal that as well and make their getaway in it!  If not,  they’ll have a plan B, which usually involves a back-up driver who will simply help them load up their easy pickings and take them to the next target.

Don’t be one of a burglar’s easy victims this winter!

Here are our top 3 tips on keeping burglars at bay

  1. Installing a security system really should be a ‘no brainer’.  Not only is it a deterrent, but it also gives you peace of mind.  Burglars need to get in and out of your house quickly and invisibly.  A security system won’t allow them to do this, so they’ll leave your house alone and go to another one that’s easier to penetrate.
  2. If you’re out during the day, leaving a TV or radio on will give the impression that someone’s home. Burglars avoid confrontation, so chances are they’ll move right on by.
  3. Burglars also don’t like dogs! Remember, burglars are stealth like and work under the radar!  A barking dog will bring attention and that’s a big red flag to a thief!

This winter, protect your home, be vigilant and secure your family and possessions with a security system.  We are Glevum Security – a highly experienced and professional team of security experts serving both the domestic and commercial sectors for many years.

If you’re a homeowner or a business, we’re here to assist you in keeping your home or office space secure.  Take a look at our website www.glevum-security.co.uk or give us a call on 01452 729713