Three Reasons to use Mobile Patrol Security

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Joomla Blog, News

Crime has become a part of the fabric of society and businesses have multiple concerns regarding security. Not only for being able to stop and prevent shoplifting, burglary, or criminal damage, but also catching the culprit if the unfortunate does happen.

Here are 3 reasons Mobile Patrol Security can help:

They are an effective deterrent
Hiring mobile security patrol is an effective way of protecting your business. The Mobile Patrol Units are a highly visible and cost-effective safety measure.

Our staff are well trained
The staff at Glevum Security are highly skilled and are trained to effectively analyse, search and evaluate the signs of burglary, vandalism, fire, flood and other emergencies such as power failure. 

If we need back up, we have a great team available
Our Mobile Patrol Officers are able to communicate with our control room 24/7, summoning assistance when necessary.

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