Stay Safe on your City Staycation this Summer

by | Jun 22, 2021 | News

With a big question mark over the possibility of summer holidays abroad this year, more and more people are choosing to book a staycation or a short break in the UK. With the beautiful sunny weather we have been experiencing the last few weeks, city centres have been filling up again with crowds of people looking to enjoy being able to do things again after lockdown.

Unfortunately, this also means that thieves are able to capitalise on the fact that cities are now becoming busier again – they look to prey on tourists who might be unfamiliar with a particular area. We have come up with some great tips on how to stay safe this summer whilst enjoying your staycation in the UK and protecting yourself and your valuables.

Out and about during the day in the summer

If you are a tourist or spending the day exploring a new city, follow these tips below to ensure your day is not ruined.

  • Avoid wearing any expensive jewellery.
  • Only carry essentials with you – try and leave as many valuables as you can locked away in your hotel or apartment.
  • Don’t put your mobile phone in your back pocket – this is so easy for opportunists to just grab and run.
  • Avoid wearing headphones as they can reduce your awareness of what and who is around you.

If you are using a taxi to get around, make sure it is a registered minicab, or if you are using public transport, try and plan your route before you leave – the Google Maps app on smartphones is a great way to stay on track and avoid getting lost in a new city.

Staying safe in bars and restaurants this summer

With restrictions easing and hospitality being open again, more and more of us are enjoying being able to have a night out again. Keeping yourself safe on a night out is really important to ensure you have a good night out with minimal risk.

  • Keep your property out of sight and under the table.
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
  • Check up on friends by phone or text to make sure they got home safely and vice-versa.

By following this advice you can be sure to have a safe staycation in the UK this summer.