RoboCop the future of security

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Joomla Blog, News

RoboCop could be patrolling Gloucestershire office floors within 10 years, according to a leading security company.

Trials have already taken place and these security auto-bots are all ready to take over night time patrols.

These are just one of the latest examples of the growing trend for businesses to use robots alongside humans as commonly seen in the automotive industry.

The advantage of robotic security guards is that they can observe and analyse continually, whereas humans can be distracted. Robots are also cheaper, and can work without breaks and in difficult, hazardous environments.

In a typical Gloucester office block, you’ll often have one or two guards patrolling at night. The robot would be able to monitor the building and even notice unusual things that it’s human counterpart might normally overlook. It’s difficult for people to concentrate on cameras and security screens for very long periods of time but a robot can and it can also be programmed to learn what’s normal and what isn’t.

Until this technology is finalised, you may prefer human intervention, so contact Glevum Security in Gloucester today for that human touch.