Protecting Yourself from Drones

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Joomla Blog, News

I have written before about the potential dangers and menace that can be caused by drones. Don’t get me wrong, though, as I have no beef with anyone who wants to fly their drone up on the common at the weekend.

However, I have every sympathy with the hundreds of would-be holiday makers left stranded at our airports recently due to drones flying near the runways. Incidentally, why were the authorities so unprepared for such an event when the danger has been apparent for months?

So how can an individual go about protecting themselves from intrusive drones?

One way has been piloted at a prestigious car track in Germany. They do not want spies checking out their innovative technology so they have introduced special indicators in their test vehicles which light up when a drone is detected. The driver can then press a button which releases a fog grenade.

Then the driver can the safely pull over and cover the car up with blankets. All very James Bond but no mention of an ejector seat.

High rise apartments or office buildings can also suffer from invasive drones. Our modern double glazing and soundproofing keeps out most external noise and this includes the whirling of the blades of a drone.

Drone detectors can now be installed in such buildings alerting the occupants and enabling them to activate blinds that shut at the click of a button, thus maintaining privacy.

If you spot or hear a drone around your home, it is simple enough to close the curtains or blinds but this may not be sufficient. Some drones have hacking devices attached so you would be well advised to turn off any computers or Wi-Fi devices to protect passwords and the like.

The big problem seems to be unsolvable at present. As in the case with the drones at our airports, it appears to be currently nigh on impossible to trace the drone back to its operator. Once that can be done accurately and efficiently we may at long last achieve something approaching full security from the drone problem.