Professional Vacant Property Inspections – Why They Matter

by | Jun 9, 2022 | News

Securing a vacant property is only the first step an individual must take in properly protecting it from potential harm. Empty premises need to be regularly checked, and not doing so can put both yourself and your property at further risk. Our vacant property inspection service is designed to be flexible whilst taking into account your insurance compliance requirements. In keeping with this, we wanted to explore a little further into why vacant property inspections matter and what you can do to take advantage of them!

Risks relating to ignoring vacant property inspections

There are two essential matters of compliance that are worth considering when it comes to vacant property inspections, especially since you could be facing a considerable cost should problems arise and it is found that you have not been completing the relevant inspections.


For many customers carrying out inspections is a necessity for insurance compliance, therefore we can tailor the inspection questions to suit this requirement. This means that an individual is obliged to inform insurers that a property will be left vacant for a given period of time, and that you must also then carry out any actions that are required to protect the property while it remains vacant. A common requirement on an insurer’s own checklist will be that the property in question should be regularly inspected; and it’s especially vital that you show evidence of this having been done.

Duty of care

All property owners are responsible for a duty of care in respect to their premises or property. Whether the vacant property is residential or commercial, the duty of care requires that property owners ensure any visitors to the property in question are not put at considerable risk.

If injuries, damage, and accidents occur as a result of the neglection of a given property, you could face litigation from anyone that is affected and find yourself paying out large costs in damages if you have been proven to fail in your duty of care. Vacant property inspections ensure that this never becomes a possibility.

Glevum Security

At Glevum Security we tailor our vacant property inspections to meet the needs of our clients, and make sure that we work with each client to achieve a truly tailored plan that works for their individual needs. We will determine when we need to do the inspections, how often and take into account a number of criteria that includes:

  • Insurance requirements.
  • Your requirements.
  • The recommendations from our initial risk assessment.
  • The inspections are carried out by our SIA licensed (Security Industry Authority) Mobile Patrol Officers, who attend site in fully liveried vehicles.

 Glevum Security provide security services for companies across Gloucestershire, from major corporate concerns to small family run businesses. They all appreciate our professional service, proactive attitude, and flexibility.  If you need some help or advice on your business or residential security, we’re here to help.

Simply give us a call on 01452 729 713 where you’ll find Mark and Steve, two security professionals that are esteemed winners of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) awarded locally at the Gloucester Business Awards in 2017, and also the same award nationally at the Security Excellence Award in 2018. Everyone at Glevum Security is dedicated to helping protect your home, your property, your assets, and yourself. In doing so we will ensure your total safety and we will grow your business through the most comprehensive combination of customer care, state-of-the-art systems, and economical solutions, backed by an impressive world-class service.

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