National Star College

by | Jan 1, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

You may be aware of the National Star College at Ullenwood near Cheltenham. They do amazing work helping people with disabilities to realise their potential and become equal and active members of the community, in control of their own lives.


We are pleased to have been able to offer work experience and interview practice to some of their students over the years.

Christine Hopkins, their Job Mentor Team Leader, explains.

‘At National Star, we believe that gaining hands-on experience in the workplace is vital in developing the confidence and skills of young people with disabilities. The experience and support that Glevum Security has offered National Star students has been invaluable.

This year they not only offered work experience but also interview skills practice, and this has been very beneficial to students who are trying to make that crucial first step into paid or voluntary employment. Students have been able to gain experience in a large local company and develop skills learnt at college in a real work environment.

For those seeking a job, completing a real work placement can provide them with the support, skills and confidence they need to make the transition from student to employee, and each year many go on to achieve just that.

Without support from employers like Glevum Security, this would not be possible.’