Model of Best Practice in training Door Supervisors & Physical Intervention

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Joomla Blog, News

Internal Verification and Standardisation

This centre would be seen as a model of best practice for the delivery of Door Supervision and Physical Intervention training and all work presented was to a very high standard.

Derek Martin the HR and Training Manager of the company and the primary IV was present for the duration of the visit. The centre training administrator and primary invigilator Liz Frost was also met and provided all assessment evidence requested by the SV including the video evidence. There is excellent tripod mounted video evidence for a range of techniques covered by LOs 3 and 4.

A tripod mounted video recording had been used to record the video activity covering a range of techniques for all learners and this had been manned so that it could pan and tilt to show different learners demonstrating techniques. The assessor and IV are fully qualified and all work for Unit 4 had been internally verified by a second Physical Intervention Trainer.

(Pearson Centre Audit – April 2015 – P Richardson SV)

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