Mobile Patrol Inspections – They’ll See Us Coming!

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

Our police forces appear to be undermanned and overstretched and it is no surprise that more companies are looking to private security firms for their peace of mind.


Glevum Security has many years of experience in the field and has developed a highly visible security solution. Our Mobile Patrol Service utilises signed mobile patrol vehicles and allows our fully trained uniformed staff to maintain 24 hour security every day of the year.

Each unit can check your premises internally and/or externally at times specified by you or at variable intervals, to avoid setting a regular pattern. Any suspicious or unusual activity will be reported to our control centre and the relevant authorities if necessary.

The fact that our vehicles and uniformed men are so visible is often a factor in deterring would-be thieves or vandals. They will have no trouble in spotting us!

We appreciate that each of our clients has specific and unique security demands which is why we are offering this efficient, flexible and cost effective security solution.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,