Make Your Passwords Stronger – Don’t Use “Password”!

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Joomla Blog, News

Are you like many people using just one password for all your internet and banking accounts? Unless it is a strong one you run the risk of hackers breaking it resulting in a lot of expensive grief for you!


Government advice is to select a password comprising three separate words, such as ‘mughanddesk’. If required, numbers and capitals can easily be incorporated.

They also recommend having separate passwords for your most important accounts, usually your email, social media and banking accounts.

There are some definite words and phrases that you should avoid as they can often be guessed by someone looking at your social media posts. Do not use any of the following:

• Current partner’s name
• Child’s name
• Other family member’s name
• Pet’s name
• Place of birth
• Favourite holiday location
• Anything related to your favourite sports team

Obviously you should never share your password with anyone and please resist the temptation to write it down.

If you feel you would have difficulty remembering your password here are a couple of simple techniques to remind you:

Loci method: Imagine a scene describing the things or actions in your three word password. Referring to my earlier example, simply imagine having a mug in your hand which you put on a desk in front of you.

Story method: Put your three words into a simple story, incorporating key things you will remember. Again using the example, a person you know enters a room with a white mug in their hand which they place on an old school desk in front of them.

Use three words and keep safe.