5 Key Benefits You Need to Know About Lone Worker Monitoring

by | Jul 6, 2022 | News

Glevum Security’s lone worker monitoring process allows us to carry out various health and safety check-call capabilities for your lone workers, ensuring that your staff are kept safe and sound. Lone working can leave people in vulnerable positions and consequently they need the extra protection we can provide at all times. With this in mind we wanted to run through some of the key benefits you can expect to find if you choose to adopt our lone worker monitoring process.

Improvement in safety of lone workers

Having lone worker monitoring implemented can significantly improve the safety of those people that work alone. By being professionally and consistently monitored by an external team of security professionals, any issue that might arise can be immediately dealt with and the necessary action can be taken by us here at Glevum. Whatever the situation, we will be there at your aid, waiting to respond to whatever security situation arises.

Supporting lone workers

Since lone working can be a particularly isolating experience, especially when it is being carried out in out-of-hours times, it is vitally important that your lone workers know they are being fully supported and safely monitored at all times. This enables lone workers to carry out their duties efficiently and confidently, ensuring a professional service and happy customers all round.

Quick response

One of the major concerns for lone workers is that if something were to happen to them and they are unable to immediately put out a call for help, it could take a very long time for anyone to find them. With lone worker monitoring implemented, we can work 24/7 to provide a quality security service so that we can respond to an incident as rapidly as possible. Quick response times are something we pride ourselves on and are absolutely fundamental to a quality lone worker monitoring process.

Legal duty of care

Employers must make sure that they are meeting their legal duty of care as it relates to lone workers, since they can be subjected to particularly high-risk situations. Lone worker monitoring ensures that this legal duty of care is met and helps to protect individuals against any potential injury or crime.

Peace of mind

This is a benefit of lone worker monitoring that cannot be overlooked since peace of mind is provided to both the end-user and the loner worker. Knowing that their employees are guaranteed an extra layer of protection when carrying out their work, in addition to quick response times, can bring a massive amount of confidence to potential clients.

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