Know What the Burglar is Thinking!

by | May 24, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

Everyone wants to protect their home and contents from theft. Here are some facts gathered from statistics from house burglaries which bear thinking about:


• Most burglaries occur between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Burglars want to avoid confrontation so target homes which they believe to be empty.

Typically this will be during the day during the week. If you have a second car, simply leaving it on the drive may provide a deterrent. Alternatively you may know someone who will leave their car parked there for you.

• Most burglars won’t spend more than 60 seconds breaking in. If they cannot achieve that then they will look elsewhere. They tend to be opportunists, not professional thieves. Anything that can delay them will be effective, whether it is a barking dog or even a sign threatening that a dog is in residence, whether there is or not.

• Properties without security systems are three times more likely to be targeted. If you cannot afford a system, you could get some signage that makes it look like you have.

• Burglars usually use the same entry points. Their favourites are the front door, first floor windows or the back door, so pay special attention to them. If you are employing security cameras, these are the places to cover.

• On average a burglar will be in your property for between 8 and 12 minutes. They don’t want to hang around. Make it harder for them to find your precious possessions. Dresser drawers, wardrobes and freezers are all places a thief will look first so don’t put valuables there. Also, if you have an old laptop that nobody uses anymore, leave it on prominent display to tempt the burglar.

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