How to Choose the Right Security Firm

by | Mar 26, 2021 | News

Protecting your business is a big priority for every business owner. That’s why choosing the right security firm to do the job is an important decision. One that should be taken seriously and decided with care.

When selecting a security firm, you want to be sure that they are accredited, experienced and reliable.

Accreditation and Licensing

The minimum requirement for security firms in the UK is SIA Licensing. So, be sure to check that the firm has this license.

Also, depending on the work you want them to carry out, additional licenses may be required.

Another accreditation that is good to look out for is the NSI Gold Standard. The National Security Inspectorate oversee the security and fire protection industries in the UK. This accreditation means that the firm is subject to a rigorous audit programme every year. This assures you that awarded firms are highly competent at demonstrating technical expertise and a reassuring quality of service.

High Level Training

As well as checking the accreditation of the security firm itself, make sure to evaluate the training of the individual officers.

Each officer will need their own SIA training before they can legally work as a security officer in the UK.

Individuals also need to pass all identity and criminal record checks.

It’s worth checking with the firm to understand any additional training they carry out, including the onboarding process they have in place for their officers.

Experienced Work History

It’s an obvious one but the more experience a firm has the more skills they will have acquired. Especially if they have worked across a variety of industries.

Take the time to learn about similar projects they have worked on to what you are looking for. For example, if you are a large multi-storey firm who requires CCTV monitoring and on-site security officers, it makes sense that the firm you hire has previously carried out similar services.

A good way to check the experience of a firm is to investigate their reviews and customer feedback.

Evaluate the Contract

Once you decide to go ahead with a security firm, it’s still critical you don’t take your eye off the ball.

Be sure to carefully evaluate the contract they provide. This is the stage where it’s important to ask any remaining questions you may have and discuss the terms.

Check you completely understand who is responsible for what and that you agree with all aspects of the contract before signing.

A good security firm won’t pressure you into signing and they should be happy to answer your questions to put your mind at ease.

Look into Their Security Procedures

If you’re relying on a security firm to keep your business and employees safe, you would expect them to have the highest standards of security themselves.

For example, if you are providing them with keys to your premises you should ask what happens with these. Who has access to them and how they ensure that no unauthorised personnel can gain access.

You should also enquire about their online security, especially if they are monitoring your CCTV and have access to private footage. It’s important you know this is secure.

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