Our Top 5 Most Important Home Security Tips

by | Aug 11, 2022 | News

The Office for National Statistics have estimated that over 440,000 burglaries took place in Wales and England in the year leading up to March 2022; the bottom line is it’s important to protect your home from potential intruders! If you’re wondering how to go about increasing the existing security of your home, there a few simple steps that you can take to deter further criminal activity from taking place.

Setting alarms

If you want to get serious about your home security, it’s going to be vital to consider installing some kind of alarm system. On top of providing an added layer of security for your home, this could also help to reduce insurance premiums. Try to make a habit of setting your home alarm whenever you’re leaving the house, and again before you go to sleep at night.

Securing windows

Locking your windows before you leave the home is important not only for general safety, but also for the fact that if you are able to prove to an insurance provider that the windows are secure enough, you might be able to get a more affordable quote. In the summer months, avoid leaving windows wide open at night, since this can provide an easy point of entrance for intruders.

Hiding valuables

Storing your valuables, including tablets, jewellery, and any additional gadgets you have, out of sight is a must. Most burglaries are opportunistic, meaning that if someone comes up to your window and looks inside to see valuables there, they may try and find a way to force themselves in. It might also be worth investing in a safe of some kind for this reason.

Keeping keys safe

You might be under the impression that keeping a spare key safe under the plant pot or doormat is a good idea, but burglars will know about all of these common hiding places. It’s also important to never leave keys within the inside of the door, since potential intruders can use a ‘fishing’ approach to reach through the letterbox and allow themselves access to your home.

Smart lighting

Many intruders will typically operate in complete darkness, with the goal ultimately being to be discreet as you possibly can. Motion sensor lighting can also alert your neighbours or you to any movement that occurs near the vicinity of your home, and can be enough to put off intruders on its own. It might also be worth investing in forms of automated low-energy lighting that comes on at varying intervals over the course of a given time.

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