#GEMonline Careers Event Success

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Joomla Blog, News

Back in May, we held an online careers event in partnership with GFirst LEP education and skills team. We really appreciate your support our event received a fantastic response online from those who were looking at their future career options.

The primary focus of our event was to provide individuals with a variety of talks from a range of different employers and industries across Gloucestershire. To provide advice and information to individuals based in Gloucestershire on how to develop a career in a range of specialisms.

The event was open to GEM participants and other adults who were looking into a range of employment options, students and individuals interested in developing their career or had recently lost her job due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We had a range of speakers from the hospitality, security, media, sport, and care sectors, just to name a few of the industry talks! Want to say a special thank you to all of the organisations and individuals that spoke on our online careers event –

We all know presenting in a zoom meeting is a little intimidating!

We hope that our event was not only educational also fun for those who participated and provided a better understanding of the wide range of careers available here in Gloucestershire.

Are you looking for a career in the security sector? Contact us.