Don’t Let Your Xmas Presents Become Someone Else’s!

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

Xmas is traditionally, of course, a time for giving but I am afraid that in the eyes of some it is also a season for taking – other people’s things I mean.


It is an unpleasant fact that December sees an increase in burglaries of some 20% over other months. 

It can be a bonanza for Burglar Bill as he helps himself to the gifts you have spent all year saving up for.

Here are some things to look out for:

•    “Those external lights look great but …” Sometimes when using lights outside it is easiest to run an extension cord through a window or sliding door that is then left ajar and unsecure.  This means an easy entry point for burglars and they know how to spot them.

•    “Look at all those presents piled under the tree!”  The kids will be excited but so might a burglar, especially if the gifts are readily visible all in one place near a door or window.  It might be boring but do think about hiding at least some of the more valuable ones until the moment you hand them over.

•    “That’ll keep the recycling men busy!”  I know those boxes and the mountain of packaging have to go somewhere, but do you really want to advertise that your kids have got the latest console, tablet or phone?  Break the boxes down and turn the packaging inside out to conceal what they contained.     

•    “Lovely to hear you are going away for a Xmas break.”  Social media has its uses but unfortunately one of them is to advertise the fact that you are absent from home.  Wait until you are back from your skiing trip or sunshine break before posting those pictures.  You never know who is watching.

I hope you enjoy your festive season and do stay safe.