Don’t be Alarmed by Spiders!

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Joomla Blog, News

It is a remarkable fact that some 95% of all alarm call outs turn out to be false alarms.


This is, of course, a good thing and we’d hate for the statistic to be the other way round!

So what causes these alarms to trigger when there is no incident to investigate?  Electrical faults, insects, weather conditions, vermin or low batteries can all trigger an alarm.  Some of the biggest culprits are spiders, though fortunately not in terms of their size.

The mild winters of the past few years have tempted many of us to leave windows open well into the autumn, just the time when spiders are at their most abundant.  They will sneak in and head for the cosy corners of a room.  Unfortunately many movement detectors are triggered and the alarm activated.

We have even found instances of spiders nesting inside detectors!

Fortunately, our Response Officers are all professionally trained and definitely not afraid of spiders.  Call outs for false alarms like these are all part of the job, saving you wasted time and effort.

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