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CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance) Course

4 Days, 3 Units, £195.00 plus VAT

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Unit 1 : Working in the Private Security Industry

Learning Outcomes:

 Know the purpose and main features of the private security industry.

 Understand the legislation that is relevant to people working within the private security industry.

 Know how to maintain health and safety in the work place.

 Know how to apply the principles of fire safety.

 Know how to deal with non-fire related workplace emergencies.

 Understand the principles of effective communication and customer care in the private security industry.

Unit 2 : Working as a CCTV Operator

Learning Outcomes:

 Understand CCTV Codes of practice, operational procedures and guidelines.

 Understand relevant legislation and how it impacts on CCTV operations.

 Understand the roles and responsibilities of the CCTV operator and the other CCTV staff.

 Understand the characteristics of a CCTV system.

 Understand how to make effective use of CCTV equipment.

 Understand emergency procedures in the CCTV control room.

Unit 3 : Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment

Learning Outcomes:

 Be able to operate CCTV equipment.

 Be able to demonstrate operational use of the CCTV system.