8 Reasons to Hire a Security Service

by | Sep 30, 2022 | News

The peace of mind that comes from hiring a professional security service is both long-lasting and immediate. There is simply no substitute for the emotional and physical reassurance that comes from knowing you are fully protected – whether that is your assets, business, family, employees, or you individually. So what are the reasons to hire a security service such as Glevum’s? Here we delve a bit deeper to find out.

Preventing crime

Security officers work to offer a physical visual deterrent from crime, and the presence of even a single officer will dramatically reduce rates of crime to prevent the likelihood of a potential assailant inflicting further harm. When a security officer catches an individual causing trouble on your property, they can intercept and stop that person immediately.

Heightened awareness

Security officers offer an extra pair of ears and eyes at all times of the day. Their presence alone is distinct and purposeful in providing the kind of immediate action that is needed in a multitude of various scenarios, from the de-escalation of a serious situation to determent of hostility. Security helps you to cultivate situational awareness while maintaining balance.

Customer service

In many ways, the security officer role and customer service are intertwined. When it comes to the protection of a person or property, it’s always about the customer. A security officer is there to keep customers as safe as possible, and in so doing customers will often find themselves chatting to a security officer. Because security will often build a level of rapport with customers clients, it’s essential that they are there to leave a good impression.

Quick response

The reaction of a security professional is typically immediate; since every second counts in incident response situations, this can be extremely important. It’s absolutely paramount that a threat is discovered, and a solution found as fast as possible. Security is absolutely crucial in gaining control of a difficult situation while awaiting the arrival of emergency services.

Handling security issues efficiently

Security officers use clear judgement and trained knowledge to protect an asset and assess a given situation for the best possible action to take. The difference between an incident being remediated and being detected in one minute versus one hour could be the difference between a criminal being caught or a criminal getting away!

Since situational threat levels can change so rapidly, handling security issues in a suitably efficient manner is incredibly important. Having professional security officers there to contain a situation and replace panic with de-escalation is massively important.

Glevum Security provide security services for companies across Gloucestershire, from major corporate concerns to small family run businesses. They all appreciate our professional service, proactive attitude, and flexibility.  If you need some help or advice on your business or residential security, we’re here to help.

Simply give us a call on 01452 729 713 where you’ll find Mark and Steve, two security professionals that are esteemed winners of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) awarded locally at the Gloucester Business Awards in 2017, and also the same award nationally at the Security Excellence Award in 2018. Everyone at Glevum Security is dedicated to helping protect your home, your property, your assets, and yourself. In doing so we will ensure your total safety and we will grow your business through the most comprehensive combination of customer care, state-of-the-art systems, and economical solutions, backed by an impressive world-class service.

Take a look at our website www.glevum-security.co.uk for a little bit more about how we can help you with your corporate or residential security, and any further information that may be beneficial to your security concerns at all.