7 Security Awareness Tips for your Business

by | Dec 14, 2020 | News

To protect your entire organisation against threats like crime, you need a strong physical security program.

This program should include day-to-day things like tracking who enters your premises and who is using certain equipment. It’s common for organisations to believe they have this under control, but often this isn’t the case.

That’s why we have provided our top 7 tips for increasing the security of your business.

  1. Conduct Security Awareness Training

Everyone in your business should be aware of your security procedures. They should also be trained how to deal with certain crisis in the way that best protects the safety of your staff, visitors and your property.

2. Deploy Secure Access Control Systems

Where you cannot have entrances manned, you could have an access control system to manage who is permitted to go into certain areas of the building. This also means you can monitor who is where in the building, offering greater protection should the fire alarm go off and you need to evacuate the building

3. Have an Emergency Action Plan

Much like the security awareness training, this plan will enable your employees to act efficiently in an emergency. This is where it is also important to have assigned emergency managers. These are members of staff who are responsible to enforce the action plan

4. Use Surveillance

Surveillance systems such as CCTV help improve your awareness of who is moving around the facility. They also act as effective deterrents for criminals. Should an incident occur, CCTV can aid in investigations

5. Keep an Asset Inventory

If you’re starting from scratch then building a complete inventory of every piece of equipment is a big job, but a vital one. This will help when track when assets go missing or become damaged. By tracking this information, it will enable your business to track usage patterns. You should encourage staff to report when an asset goes missing as soon as possible

6. Perform Annual Security Assessments

It’s no surprise that threats are also evolving. Both cyber and physical security threats continue to get smarter so, it’s important your security policies do the same. Take the time to look at the performance of your policies for that year and look ahead to what needs to be changed for the following year

7. 24-Hour Protection
Protecting your business isn’t just during your opening hours. Remember to think about the hours where your premises is unoccupied and how you are currently protecting against criminal activity or disasters (storms, floods etc.)

For more information on 24-hour security and protection for your business, contact Glevum today.