5 Reasons Why You Need a Security Officer For Your Business

by | Apr 30, 2021 | News

For businesses of all sizes, using a reliable and experienced Security Officer can make all the difference in protecting your business from any potential risks. Here are 5 reasons why Security Officers can help you keep your business secure.

Visual Deterrent Against Crime

Having an assignment based Security Officer can act as a visual deterrent to help prevent any criminal or otherwise suspicious behaviour directed towards your business premises. Security Officers can regularly monitor CCTV (where permissions/equipment are available) maintain incident logbooks and investigate, react and report any suspicious/criminal activity with the appropriate level of response to any incident detected.

Mobile and Static Patrols

Security Officers can operate either as static or as mobile patrols. Licenced static Security Officers regularly patrol your site carrying out regular checks whilst in constant communication with the control centre. Mobile patrols will conduct regular checks of your premises, internally and/or externally. This enables them to maintain security over large areas and allows for a quick response to any incidents.

24/7 Coverage

Security Officers can remain on-site at your business out of hours when the premises are vacant. With round the clock coverage, your business is never left open to potential criminals or criminal activity.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

As your Keyholder, our 24/7 Control Centre can dispatch a Response Officer when an alarm call is received.  Holding the keys to your business enables them to respond to a situation as soon as it happens without having to wait to gain access to your premises. In the event of any criminal activity, they can then liaise with the Emergency Services or any other call-out service.

Personalised Solutions

Depending on the type of business you have, a good security company will be able to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements. Meaning you will receive the best possible security package suitable for the needs of your business.

If you have a query about security at your business or would like a free site survey carried out, get in contact with our team today.